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Preliminary interviews made easy.

Sonru Rebrandable App

Video Selection powered by Sonru is simply the best use of online video interviewing technology, designed specifically for the candidate
selection process.

Sonru has invested heavily in product design, user experience and best in class technology so you can focus on candidate selection. Even better, you’ll unlock substantial time and cost efficiencies.

Set the deadline, not the time.

Simply enter your interview questions, set the deadline and invite candidates by email. View and share the responses when completed.

Say goodbye to scheduling and conducting time consuming first round phone or Skype interviews, and say hello to structured, automated video responses to your questions and tests that you can view and share when it suits.

Sonru replicates the format of a phone, Skype or Face-to-Face interview.

video recruitment online

Candidates log in to read and record their answers, without having to be online at the same time as the interviewer.

Like a traditional interview, candidates don’t see the questions in advance, and they respond to one question at a time. Even better, you set the maximum read and answer times for each question.

Share, comment and review.

job interviews by video

Fit recruitment around your schedule.

You decide when to review the candidate responses, and they can be viewed multiple times.

Invite your colleagues and hiring managers to review and give feedback on candidates, so you kick start the preliminary selection process without interrupting your schedules.

Ooh la la, Sonru is available in multiple languages.

interviewing candidates using video

The Sonru application is now available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, German, Malay, Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Hungarian, Polish and Arabic. New languages are regularly added, based on client demand.

Choose the language when creating the Interview and all the communications candidates receive will be in that language (including the emails, login form and the application itself).

We can’t translate the questions or interview details you enter, but you can easily create individual interviews covering any languages you need.

Mobile Recruiting with Sonru.

Sonru iOS Mobile Apps - Sonru Record and Sonru Player

Enable your team and candidates to interview on the move with the smart mobile solutions from Sonru.

You can create and view interviews directly from your mobile device’s browser, while the Sonru Record App enables candidates to record their interview directly from their iOS or Android mobile device.


recruiting using video interviewing

Sonru provides a full API framework enabling all ATS’s to integrate with our technology allowing the video player to embed seamlessly into the ATS workflow.


Candidate Videos are encrypted to online banking levels, and Video Data is stored securely in an ISO 27001 certified datacentre.

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UK/Ireland: 00 800 2400 4444

Rest of World: 00353 53 923 7602


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