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Sonru is the trusted global leader and pioneer of automated online video interviewing for screening candidates, founded in 2007 by CEO Edward Hendrick. Sonru’s Global Headquarters is in Ireland, with offices in America, Australia, France, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

Sonru enables recruiters to replicate a live interview by replacing early-stage phone, Skype or face-to-face interviews. Interviewers and candidates are not online at the same time. Forget about scheduling interviews, time zone restrictions, no shows and unsuitable candidates. With tailored screening questions, interviewers can immediately screen out candidates that do not meet their criteria, selecting only the most suitable candidates.

Meet the best candidates earlier in the process, see their fit, personality, drive and motivation, and save time and money.

The name Sonru stems from the Irish phrase “Bí le sonrú” which means to “stand out”. Our automated video interview solution stands out as an effective and reliable interview system and we want our users to stand out by using Sonru to reduce costs, time to hire, stress and wasted time while increasing profit margins and helping improve the environment. In a nutshell, we believe we should be making better use of the internet to help people carry out business a lot more efficiently.

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