Apprenticeship Recruitment: Specialising in Video Interviewing

Apprenticeship Recruitment Sonru

Sonru’s 2-page guide and complimentary research spotlight on Apprenticeship recruitment have landed. Let’s have a glance at what you can expect.

Big Benefits

We could list the endless benefits to your apprenticeship recruitment process from implementing Sonru video interviewing but for now, we’ll share just a few:

  • Access to larger local, regional and global talent pool
  • Better quality candidates brought forward
  • 50% reduction in recruitment lifecycle and costs
  • 76% average completion rate on apprenticeship interview campaigns with UKPN recording 91-92% completion rate for their technical engineering apprenticeships

“If nothing in our recruitment process changed other than taking away Sonru, our whole process would collapse. We haven’t got enough time or resources to do anything else pre-assessment centre that would be as efficient.” – UKPN

“Before, we were inviting 10 candidates to interview, now we’re only meeting 4 candidates so that’s a 60% time saving per recruitment, not to mention the time spent on scheduling and logistics.”Salt Mobile SA

Stepping into the Spotlight

Focusing on real candidate feedback, our short research spotlight highlights all you need to know from the candidates’ point of view. Here are just some of the statistics: 

  • 26% of respondents completed via a mobile device
  • 80% completed in their native language
  • 96% of candidates completed from home

“It allows you to relax during your interview as you are within your own familiar environment.” – Apprentice, United Kingdom

Want to know more? Download both the guide and the spotlight now!