Candidates are Customers Too

Great guest post from Amanda Usher, a Business Development Executive at Sonru HQ in Ireland.

As a Business Development Executive, I’m involved in the full sales cycle, from initial contact to close. For me, the demonstration of the candidate experience proves the most interesting and most telling part of the sale.  It’s an essential part of the process and it’s when I really get to know my customers and hear their feedback.  It’s one thing to talk about Sonru, it’s another thing to see it in action.

I always start my demos from the candidate’s point of view. We understand that in today’s race for top talent, it’s important that companies need to impress and appear to be innovative in their field.  A poor interview experience can leave a negative impact on how candidates perceive the hiring company as a whole. Not forgetting that for many B2C organisations, their candidates are their customers, so having an easy to use and engaging interface is top priority. Testament to this are the questions I receive: “Do they see their interview questions in advance?” “What level of support is given if they have a problem?” “How many times can they practice?” – common examples of the concerns I hear on a daily basis.

Each sales journey is different and each and every company has their own requirements, priorities and things they want to achieve, but having a great candidate experience is always consistent across the board.  Every company wants their candidates to be guided and looked after from start to finish, and being able to see and understand the effectiveness of the introductory videos, technical tests and practise questions all work together to fulfil those needs.

Thanks Amanda, candidates passing through Sonru are particularly happy folk. Don’t believe us? Check out these research papers:

200,000 Insights on the Candidate Experience of Video Interviewing where analysed the data of 200,000  randomly selected interviews along with 30,000 candidate survey responses for Volume 5 of this popular white paper.

Supernormal Satisfaction: 5 Sonru Support Stats presents on metrics from real Sonru usage and candidate engagement benchmarked against Zendesk’s Customer Satisfaction Index.

In the meantime, you might just want to read a few quick candidate quotes here:

“This was my first video interview ever, and the way Sonru “guided” me was perfect. Easy to connect, clear instructions and visual controls.”

“I thought the process was streamlined perfectly to the clients. Sonru thought of everything. The practice sessions were brilliant. Software worked like a charm.”

“Sonru is definitely the best platform I have experienced for a video interview – helpful and clear – to guide through the process to put nerves at ease!”