Essential Video Interviewing Content from Sonru

christmas-cta-pngDuring 2016 the Sonru team shared a range of invaluable content in the form of eBooks, quick guides, sector snapshots, candidate spotlights and much more.

Here’s just a taster of a wide variety of the free resources released in 2016:

Video Interviewing eBooks

  1. Video Interviewing Misconceptions
    A snappy little eBook that dispels common misconceptions around Video Interviewing. If you have ever thought that Video Interviewing is the same as Video Conferencing, or it isn’t suitable for your recruitment team or candidates, then be prepared to think again after reading our free eBook. Even better watch the webinar.
  2. Championing Video Interviewing
    The go-to eBook for Video Interviewing champions who know they want to implement but are looking for help on making the case for Video Interviewing, getting the key stakeholders on board along with ROI data and last but by no means least – best practice in Video Interviewing implementation. Download here.
  3. Role on Video Interviewing
    As video interviewing has become mainstream, we’ve seen a change in the roles from entry-level right through to Director level. This eBook shows how the demographics of video interviewing are changing and how it has gone way beyond entry-level/junior roles. Read it today.

Improving Accessibility with Video Interviewing

Sonru teamed up with EmployAbility in late 2015 and published a white paper on how Video interviewing can improve the accessibility of your recruitment process which you can download here. One of our first new year’s resolutions in 2016 was to bring this essential content to a wider audience through our webinar series which you can access here.

Video Interviewing Quick Guides

  1. Roadmap for Seasonal Hiring
    A quick guide focused on improving the seasonal hiring process, increasing engagement, reaching more candidates and standing out from the crowd.
  2. Return on Investment
    Next year’s budget on your mind? See how implementing Video Interviewing will achieve a greater return on investment.

Sector Specific Research

We also produced a range of sector specific spotlights – Airline, Finance, Retail, Education, Engineering/Manufacturing and Apprenticeships – all available here.

That’s only from our 2016 catalogue. We’ve been gathering data and sharing best practice since 2010. All our white papers and research are available from the Sonru Knowledge Hub.
If there is any research you would like to see published in 2017 contact