From Candidate to Convert

Great guest post from Robert Kelly, one of our latest recruits to the Business Development team in EMEA, who shares his candidate experience of his Sonru video interview and how it made him really want to work chez Sonru.

At the end of last year after a 16 year tenure at a company I joined one day before my 21st Birthday, a company re-structure put me in a position where I’d never been before, looking for a job.

I knew a little bit about Sonru, I had heard they were market leaders in their field and that the company was expanding.  When I saw the advertised role of BDE I jumped at the chance to apply.  I had a lot of experience in that field and after extensive online research, I knew I wanted to work for Sonru. I had chosen them, but how could I get them to choose me?

Having been involved in sales for over 11 years, I was already starting to see the benefits for me as a candidate but also for the employer. I thought I had an advantage because I could read the questions in the allocated time, but that I could also show I was responsive and reactive rather than deliver the typical rehearsed interview spiel, which would in turn display the qualities I wanted Sonru to see.

So we all have our reservations about being in front of the camera, as much as social media and selfies have infiltrated our daily lives, when we see someone wave a lens at us we don’t always want the limelight, so with that said at first I was hesitant before I read the instructions, but soon realised that it wasn’t going to be too difficult.
Dress smart? I can do that.
Make sure I sit in good light? I can do that one too, easy.
No laptop? No problem. I  can practice? And I can wait until the house calms down and everyone goes to bed to complete this in my sitting room?
I was already at ease.

I knew the time allocated would allow me to deliver my answers as fluently as possible, I could prepare to deliver my answer as clearly as possible and the fact that I was time aware allowed me to complete the interview comfortably, by the end of it I felt like I was in a real live interview and I clearly remember laughing while describing some of my idiosyncrasies in one of the general responses.
I was relaxed, I was being myself and I felt like I was a candidate having a customer experience.

I was sold on Sonru after the video interview, I knew that this was the cutting edge of a changing culture in recruitment and I wanted to to be part of it, long story short my video interview was successful and after another successful second round I now, thankfully, get to share my experiences with customers who can replicate my experience with their own future employees.

Thank you Robert and welcome to the Sonru family and I hope you’ll be very happy here. Want to hear more about the Candidate Experience? Check out our latest Candidate Experience White Paper : 200,000 Candidate Insights here.