HI-SEAS: Exploring Sonru Video Interviewing


HI-SEAS (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation) is a research program specialising in the operation of long-duration planetary surface missions to investigate crew composition and cohesion. Funded by NASA, their main research is centered around their primary behavioural research program. In line with this program, HI-SEAS required a selection process whereby all participants were treated equally, and as a result, chose Sonru video interviewing to become part of the experience.

Read the highlights from their journey here, with full details in our new case study.

Discovering Wonderful Benefits

Through implementing Sonru video interviewing, HI-SEAS experienced multiple benefits within their selection process. Here are a few key points of interest:

  • Replaced live video conference interviews
  • Attained 100% candidate satisfaction rate
  • Achieved team buy-in

“Sonru was exactly what we were looking for, easy to use, and reasonably priced without any unnecessary and scientifically questionable proprietary metrics, evaluation algorithms, or other HR hocus-pocus” –  Dr. Pete Roma, Co-Investigator, HI-SEAS Project

Looking for More?

To learn more about HI-SEAS’ Sonru experience read the complete case study here