Video Interviewing: Let’s Talk About Candidate Experience

500000 insights candidate experience video interviewing

The sixth version of our hugely popular Candidate Experience White Paper has just been released. In this paper you’ll find lots of compelling statistics – candidate awareness, confidence, satisfaction levels – but our favourite is that 95% of candidates surveyed would complete a video interview again.  Gain insights on what candidates across the globe are experiencing with Sonru video interviewing in our white paper “500,000 Insights on the Candidate Experiences of Video Interviewing”.

Some of the key findings are highlighted below:

Putting the Candidate First

Candidates listed ‘flexibility‘ as a key benefit of video interviewing time and time again. Accommodating candidates is king, and these statistics show just how flexible video interviewing is:

  • 89% of candidates completed their video interview at home
  • 24% completed their video interview on a mobile device

The Evolving Candidate

The gender gap has been closing since 2011 and the number of candidates completing video interviews from older age groups is also significant. Moreover, video interviewing is expanding throughout roles in terms of function and level.

  • Rise in candidates over 55 completing video interviews
  • 15% of candidates are internal hires

Communication is Key

Taking time to communicate effectively with candidates positively affects their satisfaction level with the process. 

Of those candidates who did not feel sufficiently informed about video interviewing, 54% felt satisfied with the experience. Through communicating with candidates about what the video interviewing process entails, this figure rose to 85%, showing a direct correlation between informing candidates, and providing a more satisfying experience for them.

Amazing, I love technology! To be able to do this interview at home was great.” – Candidate

These insights are just a taster of what can be found in ‘500,000 Insights on the Candidate Experience of Video Interviewing’. Read the full white paper, here.