Time waits for no man – complete your video interview before the closing date

By July 22, 2010Interview Tips

Make a good first impression and complete the interview by the closing date to demonstrate that you can complete tasks competently and are capable of working to certain deadlines.  Completing the video interview on time shows your interest in the role, for example a candidate that has to ask the interviewer to extend the closing date does not leave a good impression. So if you really want the job, pass this first test and you’re already in with a better chance. Read on for some more tips and advice.

When you get your invite to complete your video interview please do the following:

  • Log in, check the interview title and the closing date. While you’re there please check your equipment and settings by clicking on TEST YOUR SETTINGS, this will allow you test that your internet speed, audio and webcam are all in order. You can come back when you are ready to complete your interview but at least now you know you won’t meet any unknowns. If you have some hiccup with your equipment or settings you can contact support@sonru.com in good time and we can help you get it sorted. This will avoid last minute panic.
  • This is an interview so schedule a time in your diary or calendar to sit down and complete it, add a reminder.
  • Like all interview preparation, you might consider doing some extra research on the company and the role before you complete the interview.
  • Bear in mind that your competitors for the role will complete their interview in a timely fashion before the closing date. So you need to do so too.

The team at Sonru want every interviewee to have a great experience and complete a good video interview on time. If you’ve 4 days to complete a video interview and you log in for the first time one hour before the deadline and encounter problems, you’re not setting yourself up for a smooth professional presentation. We are available most of the time to answer questions and help out but by avoiding last minute high drama can be the difference between you making that good impression and us not eating cold pizza! We hope these tips help, if you have any further queries please contact us. Good luck with your interview, now go log in a few days before the deadline. Thanks.