Use the preparation area before completing your interview

By October 12, 2010Interview Tips

Before every automated video interview completed on Sonru there is a preparation area where you can answer two questions and view them to see how the system works.

These questions don’t relate to the interview you are about to complete and the interviewer doesn’t see the answers. These practice questions allow you to carry out a dry run of the automated video interview process on Sonru so use them and re-use them. You can practice as much as you like with these 2 questions before you begin your interview. Use them to hear and see yourself on video so you can make any changes necessary to come across better in your video interview. If in the practice video you recognise that you need to tidy your background, improve your lighting or put on a better shirt please do so before you begin your interview. If you require any assistance or have any questions during this practice just get in contact with and we’ll help you out.