Clients Overview

As the trusted global leader and pioneer of automated online video interviewing for screening candidates, our clients include Fortune Global 500 companies and come from a variety of industries.

Our clients are innovating in their talent acquisition processes by using Sonru’s video interview solution to streamline their recruiting efforts.

Client Testimonials

We are able to interview our hundreds of candidates in less time and it’s easier to manage where they are in the process. We have clear deadlines set for them and the onus is on them to complete their interview. There are no limitations in terms of geographic location of the interview, availability of an interviewer, time constraints for the candidate etc. We love it.

Becton Dickinson

Video interviewing has done everything we wanted it to do and more, we’ve never looked back. It’s really hard to pinpoint a favourite benefit as there are so many good points but on balance I think just the ease of use, the simplicity of it.

Rolls Royce

The message you’re sharing with hiring team is very powerful. Sonru is ideal in terms of being a supporting step for the recruitment effort. When we present candidates to the hiring mangers, it’s no longer just “the recruiter’s impression,” but we have proof which we can share. It’s very tangible and they can verify the impressions for themselves.


We had a low conversion rate of applicant to hire in one of our hiring categories so the trial with video interviewing was aimed at improving this conversion rate. The conversion rate has improved over the life of the trial for that category by roughly five times from what it was previously, so we are pleased with its effectiveness.

Qatar Airways

Asynchronous video screening by Sonru, it’s excellent! It has now become an essential and integral part of our recruitment process. Speak to any hiring manager at CERN and they will recommend it to you. In fact, ‘Sonru’ is almost a recognized verb in the CERN in-house vocabulary.


On our domestic recruitment Sonru has meant we have been able to assess candidates from many remote locations that in the past we may have had to have passed up on and has enabled us to reduce our National interview tour by 10%


I love the practicality, it saves time, money, we get consistent answers from all candidates, it allows sharing of recordings with other managers/directors, revaluation of candidates to other positions.


It gives us a more informed first round. It also gets us out to a larger number of candidates – a bigger pool which we can easily narrow down.

Concern Worldwide

Sonru sets our recruitment process up for success. It saves us time qualifying candidates and by asking the right questions. Seeing a candidate’s performance on the video interview is a great tool to reduce the number of candidates we bring in for face-to-face interviews.

Viva Energy

Dedicated Team

Every Sonru customer is assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager, to guide them through the video interviewing process and ensure they get the most out of their Sonru experience.

Expert Advice

Our Client Success Managers provide advice on best practices and monitor interview activity, giving recommendations to improve the video interviewing journey.

Personalised support and advice throughout the process

24/7 Technical Support

We have an in-house team who offer 24/7 technical support to all our candidates and clients in the unlikely event that they need it.

Fast Implementation

Implementation is fast and easy, with no hardware to purchase or software to download.

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