BDO Australia

BDO is the world’s fifth largest professional services network, with 1,400 offices and more than 64,300 people in more than 157 countries. BDO Australia was established as an association of firms in 1975 and today is one of Australia’s largest associations of independently owned accounting practices with offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast and Sydney. In Australia, BDO offers the expertise of more than 150 partners and more than 1,200 staff.

Recruitment Process and Challenges

BDO’s offices across Australia recruit for cadet, graduate and vacation students, experienced professionals and support staff from a variety of backgrounds and study disciplines.

Prior to adopting video interviewing for cadet, vacation and graduate roles in 2013, BDO found that a higher proportion of candidates invited in for assessment centres did not present/interview well.

BDO introduced video interviewing as an additional stage in order to assist with shortlisting candidates before having them complete online testing. While most offices use video interviewing for entry level roles only, BDO Cairns has also now implemented video interviewing for experienced hires.

Recruitment focus and challenges:

  • Attracting talent.
  • Making use of digital platforms.
  • Enhancing how to communicate theIr Employee Value Proposition (EVP) both internally and to the external market.
  • Competing for candidates with other professional services firms in Brisbane and interstate.
  • Managing the high number of graduate and vacation applications.

Key Findings

  • Higher Conversion Rates from Assessment Centres
  • Fewer Candidates Interviewed and Less Assessment Centres Run
  • Assessing Candidate Fit

Some of the Highlights

  • Higher offer rate from Assessment Centres.
  • Decrease in number of Assessment Centre days.
  • Decrease in number of candidates invited to Assessment Centres.
  • Reduced the time spent reviewing written applications.
  • Ability to assess if a candidate’s interest is genuine (i.e.) do they remember which service lines they listed as first and second preference.


A snapshot of the numbers invited to each stage of the recruitment process for graduate recruitment in the BDO Brisbane office is presented in the table below.


While BDO do not typically show the video interviews to the Hiring Managers as they are brought in at the final stages of the recruitment process, all Hiring Managers are aware that it is used as a recruitment tool. Cairns have had positive feedback from their hiring managers and have implemented Sonru across all teams.

BDO Cairns find Video Interviewing useful to:

  • Identify top performers are a cultural fit.
  • Ensure candidate’s experience does align with their CV.
  • Create a fair first round interview process when they have interstate candidates.
  • Decrease recruitment process so they only have to complete one face to face interview.

Candidates who perform well in the video interview typically hit the ground running.


“It is a great way to interview a candidate without having to match schedules between the company and them to meet up.”

“I enjoyed the video interview. I think it is a great way of being able to communicate for people that are spread across the world in this modern global world we live in.”

“I liked how Sonru offered for the interviewees to have an unlimited opportunity to practice first.”

“It gave me a great insight on a real job interview setting, which was fantastic!”


“We wanted to get more insight into our candidates before inviting them in for assessment centre and Sonru has enabled us to do that.”