Womble Bond Dickinson

Womble Bond Dickinson is a transatlantic law firm, providing high-quality legal experience and outstanding personal service to a wide range of regional, national and international clients from 27 key locations across the United Kingdom and United States.

Womble Bond Dickinson focus on eleven key sectors: Energy and Natural Resources, Financial Institutions, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Real Estate; Retail and Consumer, Transport, Logistics and Infrastructure; Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals, Technology and Private Wealth.


Womble Bond Dickinson have been using video interviewing as part of their recruitment process for graduates, apprenticeships and training contracts for a number of years. They have recently included a gamified/AI powered recruitment tool, which has progressed 60-65 more applicants from a more diverse background.

“We had been talking about introducing video interviews for a while. We were using Psychometric Tests [verbal and inductive reasoning] but felt we were not getting to know the candidates. Our process is very much about understanding and getting to know the individual candidate.”  – Joanne Smallwood,
Graduate Recruitment Specialist, Womble Bond Dickinson   

Key Findings

  • Replaced Phone Interviews
  • Superior Vendor
  • Client & Candidate Personality 
  • Candidate Satisfaction

Some of the Highlights

Womble Bond Dickinson felt that Psychometric Tests were not “measuring the right traits at the right time.” According to Smallwood, candidates could study and prepare for these tests but it was not showing them the individual, adding, “some people do really well in say a Watson Glaser test but they might be lacking that common sense you need for the job.”

“The candidates seem to be more comfortable completing a video interview compared to the Psychometric Tests. They enjoy video interviews because they feel it is more of an interview.” 
 Joanne Smallwood

Womble Bond Dickinson had used a different provider the first year they introduced Video Interviewing. “It was a much smaller company and we had concerns over the lack of support for candidates particularly round the clock support,” adds Smallwood. The move to Sonru has proved positive with candidates as reflected in their comments below.

“It’s my second time doing a video interview (first time with Sonru) and I liked this interface a lot more.”

“I’ve completed another video interview this year using another software and this was much better.”

“Better than other interview providers.”

Womble Bond Dickinson Candidates

The comments from both staff and candidates below demonstrate the positive feelings towards Sonru’s ease-of-use, support and intuitive design.

“Sonru is very easy to use and to make notes.” – Lisa Gater, Resourcing Specialist

“I am always impressed at how quickly support is provided when we have queries.” – Charlotte Hall, Recruitment Advisor

“I have never sat an online video interview before but this was very well explained and easy to do.”

“I thought the interface was really well designed and helpful.” 

“The process was clear and straightforward. Very good instructions and the system was easy to navigate.

Womble Bond Dickinson Candidates

Although watching the video interviews takes more time than progressing candidates with the highest Psychometric Test scores, Smallwood maintains it adds value to the process as a whole because they are interested in their approach to the questions and the interview as a whole. “It is not onerous and we do not feel it’s time wasted because we get to know the individual.”

In general, Womble Bond Dickinson are more interested in looking at the candidates’ overall performance and communication skills. 
“The video interviews allow us to see if their answers are considered, open and honest and not contrived.”

Video interviews also allow them to test the resilience piece i.e. whether a candidate can re-group and move on with the interview after messing up responses to earlier questions.

“You have to be a bit of an all-rounder because client relationships are important to us as a business. Self-awareness and the ability to build relationships and rapport are a must. Video interviewing gives you much more of an insight whether a person displays those traits earlier on in the recruitment process.” – Joanne Smallwood, Graduate Recruitment Specialist

”Being able to see the candidates’ communication style is great.” – Lisa Gater, Resourcing Specialist

Womble Bond Dickinson use the media questions functionality to upload videos of the recruiters asking the questions. This has proved popular with both staff and candidates as evident in the comments below.

“I love that we can upload videos of ourselves introducing the interview and asking the questions to make it more personable.”  – Charlotte Hall, Recruitment Advisor

“We get feedback about it being nice to see a familiar face from the business. We tell them that we just want them to be themselves and to just answer honestly.” 
-  Joanne Smallwood, Graduate Recruitment Specialist

“It is nice to be able to see a person you can feel you’re talking to and not just your own face!”

“Really relaxing to see your interviewer!”

Womble Bond Dickinson Candidates

The following is derived from the findings from over 100 respondents who volunteered to complete a survey made available to all Womble Bond Dickinson candidates between January 2017 and June 2019.

  • 93% felt sufficiently informed about what was required.
  • 97% found the software easy to use.  
  • 95% would complete a video interview again.

Device used to complete interview:

  • 88% computer
  • 10% iOS App
  • 2% Android App

Location of interview:

  • 93% home
  • 4% public facility
  • 3% work

Satisfaction with the Candidate Experience:

  • 96% satisfied
  • 4% dissatisfied


“I couldn’t imagine doing my job without Sonru. Video Interviewing will always be part of the process. Our experience has been nothing but positive. You can only make informed decisions if you get to know people and video interviewing allows us to do that earlier.

Joanne Smallwood, Graduate Recruitment Specialist, Womble Bond Dickinson