Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) - Customer Spotlight

Chartered Accountants ANZ has found Sonru Video Interviewing useful to gain a better understanding of candidates earlier in the process.

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand is a professional body comprised of over 124,000 diverse, talented and financially astute members who utilise their skills every day to make a difference for businesses the world over. Their members are known for their professional integrity, principled judgment, financial discipline and a forward-looking approach to business.
The Chartered Accountants ANZ Achiever Programme offers students an opportunity to gain real world experience, learning first-hand from employers and Chartered Accountants ANZ members, to support their growth and development in the accounting and finance industry.
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With rigorous assessment in place for their Achiever Programme, Video Interviewing helps Chartered Accountants ANZ to assess candidates at an earlier stage.

“The Achiever Programme undertakes quite a rigorous testing process to place student candidates with employers and the video interview helps us to assess candidates at an earlier stage in the process so that we can get an understanding of some of their personality types and how they would actually respond to challenges in the workforce.” Rebecca Foss, Senior Marketing Careers Manager, Chartered Accountants ANZ

Key Benefits

  • More Accurate Placement of Students
  • Clear Understanding of Candidates
  • Functionality Allows for More Efficient Screening Time

“Sonru has some great features which help us to identify quality candidates. One great feature is to create group tags so we can easily identify certain students. We’re also able to comment on the videos, provide a star rating so we can assess candidates and you can easily screen one candidate through to the next candidate. So it creates a really efficient screening time as well.” – Eleni Carkagis, Careers Engagement Consultant, Chartered Accountants ANZ