Commvault - Customer Spotlight

Commvault has enjoyed $65,000AUD savings per quarter for just one business unit using Sonru Video Interviewing.

Commvault‘s data protection and information management solutions provide mid and enterprise-level organisations worldwide with a significantly better way to get value from their data. Commvault employ circa 3,000 globally.


Since introducing Video Interviewing to their process, hiring managers at Commvault have been able to be more involved and see more candidates without impacting their schedule.

“From a global perspective in our business, the impact has been that our hiring managers feel a little bit more in control that they’re seeing a broader range of candidates. A piece of feedback was they only really ever got to see the top three or four that recruiters felt were going forward. Now they have the ability to see ten or fifteen without a massive inconvenience to themselves. So the fact that they can have that higher selection decision themselves has really impacted our hiring manager experience.” Antonia Jennings, Talent Acquisition Head Asia-Pacific

Key Benefits

  • Significant Cost Savings
  • More Hiring Manager Involvement and Useful for Variety of Roles
  • Positioning as Innovative Employer

We often had candidates interviewing with global panelists. So, they’d have to be in Singapore but interviewing with somebody in the US or the UK that could be on an evening, a Saturday, not a great experience for a candidate. So by being able to use Sonru, and by being able to actually send that video out to again the global panel members, they can make that selection decision without having to impact that candidate experience.” – Antonia Jennings, Talent Acquisition Head Asia-Pacific