Gateway Bank - Customer Spotlight

Gateway Bank has found Sonru Video Interviewing useful for all role levels, from junior level to C-level recruitment.

From a briefcase to a trusted customer-owned bank, Gateway has come a long way in over 60 years. They now have a Membership in excess of 30,000 and assets of more than $1 billion under management. Gateway offers a range of competitively priced products and services designed to help secure the financial future and well-being of their members.
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With phone screening, it took a lot of time for Gateway Bank to conduct interviews and find successful candidates. Since implementing Sonru video interviewing, the team has found that candidates are already more suitable at the subsequent face-to-face interview stage than previously.

“Straight away the key benefit that Sonru has brought to our process is that when someone comes into the interview room for a face-to-face interview, they’ve got a really strong chance of being a suitable candidate. So, basically, we know already that the chances are that their experience is likely to be more of a match for our experience, and you don’t get that from résumés alone.”  Caroline Bessemer, Senior Manager – People & Performance, Gateway Bank

Key Benefits

  • More Suitable Candidates at Face-to-Face Stage
  • Helps when Dealing with High Volume of Applications
  • Suitable for All Role Levels

“The types of roles that we use Sonru for has been an interesting issue. When we first started using Sonru we thought we’d have to use it for junior roles. As time has gone on, we’ve become emboldened in terms of saying “we can apply this to different levels of roles”. So we then started incorporating manager roles… Most recently we decided to directly advertise for a Chief Customer Officer role which was a bit of a bold step given that normally those types of roles would probably go through an agency. So, I guess there’s no level that you couldn’t use for the video interview!” – Caroline Bessemer, Senior Manager – People & Performance, Gateway Bank

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