Lendlease - Customer Spotlight

For Lendlease, Sonru Video Interviewing is three times faster than phone interviewing.

Founded in Sydney in 1958 by Dutch immigrant and innovator Dick Dusseldorp, Lendlease was born out of a vision to create a company that could successfully combine the disciplines of financing, development and investment. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia and regional head offices in New York, Singapore and London, Lendlease has approximately 12,000 employees internationally.


Initially using Sonru for graduate roles in 2016, Lendlease is now rolling video interviewing out on a global scale. Sonru allows Lendlease to enjoy a more streamlined recruitment process, resulting in significant time savings.

Before we used Sonru, we were doing phone interviews for about half an hour, but after Sonru now it has helped us streamline the process, we can now screen three candidates in the space of one phone interview. For us that saves a lot resources, a lot of timing and all in all provided some structure as well.”  Melissa Ke, Graduate Recruitment Consultant, Lendlease

Key Benefits

  • Three Times Faster
  • Brings Résumés to Life
  • Candidate Experience

“I would definitely recommend Sonru for other companies, we are now rolling this out on an international global scale as well so it’s been able to have a centralised platform and it’s been very easy to be able to use it from that perspective, it saves a lot of time, resource and effort and so if you multiply that on a larger scale, it can definitely work wonders.”
Melissa Ke, Graduate Recruitment Consultant

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