Tree of Life - Customer Spotlight

Tree of Life has reduced time to hire, particularly with volume recruitment, using Sonru Video Interviewing.

Tree of Life is an iconic bohemian brand of Australia, celebrating freedom of expression and creativity for starry-eyed dreamers everywhere.


Implementing Video Interviewing has meant that Tree of Life no longer has to pay overtime for store managers to conduct interviews outside hours, or to pay for cover of store managers in order for interviews to take place.

“Sonru has impacted on costs because we no longer need to pay overtime for store managers or area managers to stay back in the store after hours because that’s when we used to hold our group interviews. [This] also means we don’t need to pay for casuals to cover the store manager while they’re there, so it really has affected our costs for employees’ extra overtime drastically.” Isabella Rooney, HR Manager

Key Benefits

  • Volume Recruitment
  • More Consistent Level of Calibre & Better Quality Candidates
  • Reduces Pressure on Store Managers

“We really get to see who wants to work for our brand. We’ve had applicants submit a video where they’re literally sitting in their closet that’s full of our products and they’ll sell me items. I think that for a brand like ours, we really want to see people who are passionate and know about our Tree of Life company. So the quality of our applicants has absolutely changed.” – Isabella Rooney, HR Manager