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Collaborating with our clients before, during and after they implement Video Interviewing is what defines the Sonru difference.

Read our full eBook to find out the ways we are on hand at every step of the video interviewing process to ensure that both recruiters and candidates have all the tools they need to succeed.

Achieving ROI with Video Interviewing

It’s time to start making the most out of your recruitment budget. See how implementing video interviewing will help you to achieve greater ROI throughout your process in our short spotlight.

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Video Interviewing Misconceptions eBook

It’s time to expose the misconceptions of Video Interviewing. If you have ever thought that Video Interviewing is the same as Video Conferencing, or it isn’t suitable for your recruitment team or candidates, then this guide is for you.


Role on Video Interviewing eBook

As automated online video interviewing becomes mainstream, the roles interviewed for have expanded, from entry-level right through to Director level. Read our eBook for a fresh perspective.


Championing Video Interviewing eBook

An eBook bringing together insights on why you should use Video Interviewing, how to get the key stakeholders on board, ROI you can achieve and what happens during implementation.


The Sonru Quick Guide to Video Interviewing

New technology can be confusing, that’s why we’ve cut through all the jargon and have created a short overview of what Video Interviewing is all about.

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Two Page Guide to Graduate Recruitment

Graduate recruitment can be challenging. How do you differentiate between hundreds of candidates with little or no experience? Read our guide to find out.

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Spotlight On Graduate Recruitment

In our latest research spotlight, we examined the video interviewing data of over 800 graduate recruitment campaigns and over 20,000 graduate candidates. See how some of the leading companies across the world are using Video Interviewing to get the most out of graduate recruitment.

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Two Page Guide to Apprenticeship Recruitment

With Apprenticeship recruitment coming to the fore with video interviewing, read about the benefits and get feedback from real clients and candidates.

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Spotlight on Apprenticeship Recruitment

In our latest research spotlight, we examined the video interviewing data of over 500 apprenticeship recruitment campaigns and over 800 apprenticeship candidates. See how some of the leading companies across the world are using Video Interviewing to get fuel stellar apprenticeship recruitment.

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A Roadmap for Seasonal Hiring

There’s no denying that the Seasonal Hiring period is hectic for all, and preparation is key. If you want to improve your Seasonal Hiring process, increase engagement, widen your candidate pool and stand out from the crowd, then this roadmap is worth a glance.


Sector Specific Research


From discount supermarkets to high end brands, recruitment challenges for the retail sector can often be the same. Read our retail recruitment guide to see how Video Interviewing can help.

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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

We work with some of the world’s leading healthcare & pharmaceutical companies, helping them bring the best candidates forward with Video Interviewing. Read our guide to find out how.

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The education sector’s relationship with Video Interviewing is unique as there are multiple ways it has embraced the technology. From intake to training, read all about it in our guide.

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Aviation & Travel

Often the key to success for organisations in the aviation and travel industry is having great people representing their company.  Read our guide and find out how to recruit the best fit for your organisation.

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Engineering & Manufacturing

Recruiting for engineering and manufacturing roles often means casting a wide net. Read our guide and see how to open up your talent pool without worrying about geographical boundaries.

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Did you know the use of Video Interviewing in recruitment for finance roles has seen a five fold increase in the last few years? Read our guide and learn why the industry has embraced this technology.

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