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Fact or Fiction: Challenging Video Interviewing Misconceptions

With video interviewing becoming a vital part of the recruitment process, it’s hard to believe that misconceptions around the technology still really do exist. The time has come to clear up any fictitious notions, as you cannot afford to be misinformed.

Recently Sonru’s Amanda Usher, hosted a short webinar where these misconceptions were addressed.

It will take just 15 minutes to find out exactly what Video Interviewing means for today’s recruitment industry and to gain a fresh perspective on the process.

Clients, Partners & Special Guests

The Firm & Sonru: In House Recruitment Trends

Watch The Forum for In-House Recruitment Managers (The FIRM) and Sonru on this exciting webinar focusing on key trends in the in-house recruitment industry from 2015.

Improving Recruitment Accessibility with Video Interviewing

Sonru have teamed up with Tab Ahmad from EmployAbility UK, for this fascinating webinar examining how Video interviewing can improve the accessibility of the recruitment process.

Upgrading Graduate Assessment: The Asda Story

For this webinar, in conjunction with Strengths Partnership, we will be taking a look at how Asda have used a mixed of strengths and video interviewing within their recruitment.

Client Webinar: Cambridge Assessment

Watch James Digby from Cambridge Assessment, as he talks us through how Video Interviewing has been introduced into the Cambridge Assessment recruitment process and the results they’ve seen.

Client Webinar: Perisher in Australia

See how Perisher, Australia’s most popular snow holiday destination, uses Sonru to overcome the limitations of time and geography to hire a huge amount of seasonal staff. Hosted by Stephanie Sellar-Peam, Employee Services Advisor at Perisher.

Client Webinar: Concern Worldwide

Watch Kim O’Kelly from Concern Worldwide on this Sonru Client webinar. Concern Worldwide has been using Sonru for both home and overseas recruitment since early 2011 and it is now an integral part of their global recruitment process.

Client Webinar: The NHS

In this webinar, Rob Farace, Senior Programme Lead Resourcing Manager at the NHS Leadership Academy shares how the NHS are finding future leaders that share their passion for change and better patient care.

Client Webinar : Nestlé

96% of candidates think Nestlé stands out compared to other graduate recruiters. Tom Banham, from Nestlé, shares how his team improved candidate perception, reduced the time to hire and saved over £40,000 with video interviews.


The Firm & Sonru: In House Recruitment Trends

In a webinar from The Forum for In-House Recruitment Managers (The FIRM) and Sonru the focus is on key trends in the in-house recruitment industry.

This webinar will give you insight into the findings of The FIRM‘s annual membership survey as well as delving deeper into the candidate experience of video interviewing by looking at the results of Sonru’s white paper, 200,000 insights on the Candidate Experience of Video Interviewing.

Sonru Insights

Some of our in-house webinars

Oracle Taleo & Sonru: The Perfect Partnership

Watch Sonru’s European Managing Director, Daniel Richard, as he gives an insider view of how Oracle and Sonru work together forming a perfect recruitment partnership.

200,000 Insights into the Candidate Experience

Watch Sonru founder and CEO, Ed Hendrick on this Webinar discussing the findings from our white paper – 200,000 insights into the candidate experience of video interviewing.

Nationalization: Video Interviewing is the Solution

After analysing the data of 12,000 randomly selected video interview campaigns, this white paper is a blue print for industry best practice based entirely on this empirical evidence.

Clients Know Best

We analysed the data of 12,000 randomly selected interview campaigns completed on the Sonru system. Watch our Head of Client Success, Maiken O’Byrne, as she talks through the findings.

Video Interviewing: Benelux

Watch Robert Dempsey, our video interviewing expert in the Benelux Region, on this 30 minute webinar. Focusing on Video Interviewing practices in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Video Interviewing: Nordics

Watch Irina Zagorskaja, our video interviewing expert in the Nordics region, on this 30 minute webinar. Focusing on Video Interviewing practices in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark.