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The Global Candidate Experience of Video Interviewing

How do awareness, penetration and attitudes towards Video Interviewing differ across the globe? This white paper compares research findings on the candidate experience across Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and The Americas to answer these burning questions and more.
Don’t miss the captivating results derived from 150,000 candidate interviews, along with 56,000 candidate surveys from 142 countries analysed for this enthralling white paper.
The Global Candidate Experience of Video Interviewing - White Paper Cover Page

Our Key Findings

Companies who include introductory videos with their interviews achieve higher response rates

Clients Know BestWhite Paper June 2015

20% of graduate interviews were completed on a mobile device

Graduate WhitepaperWhitepaper December 2015

95% of candidates surveyed would complete a video interview again

500,000 Insights into Video InterviewingWhite Paper January 2017

Up to 15% of all Sonru candidates are internal hires

Role on Video InterviewingeBook April 2016

76% of respondents have changed their opinion of a candidate after seeing the video interview

The Recruiter Experience of Video InterviewingWhite Paper June 2017
The Graduate Experience of Video Interviewing Volume 2

Did you know that 95% of graduates surveyed would complete a Video Interview again? Or that 88% of graduates completed their Video Interview at home?

Don’t miss the fascinating results derived from 210,000 interviews, along with over 13,000 graduate surveys analysed for the second volume of our popular Graduate white paper.


The Recruiter Experience of Video Interviewing

While Candidate Satisfaction is always an crucial factor in any recruitment process, it’s important that the recruiters themselves are not forgotten. In this white paper we have analysed the recruiters experience of video interviewing and have seen some surprising results.

With 100% of clients surveyed being satisfied with video interviewing’s inclusion in their recruitment process, this white paper is not to be missed


500,000 Insights on the Candidate Experience of Video Interviewing

95% of candidates surveyed would complete a video interview again, 89% of completed their video interview from home and 62% of candidates completed their video interview outside office hours.

We analysed the data of 500,000 randomly selected interviews along with 70,000 candidate survey responses for Volume 6 of this popular white paper.


We Need to Talk About Unconscious Bias

Did you know that there are multiple forms of unconscious bias? At least 20% of Sonru clients provide training around unconscious bias.

We analysed the findings from a primary research study with Sonru clients on Assessment and Interview Training, with a particular focus on how Video Interviewing protects against unconscious bias.


Supernormal Satisfaction: 5 Sonru Support Stats

One of the key considerations when recruiters are looking at new technology is “how will it affect my candidates, will they be engaged?”. The second volume of this white paper presents metrics from real Sonru usage and candidate engagement benchmarked against Zendesk’s Customer Satisfaction Index with respect to candidates’ support experiences.

Video Interviewing: Clients Know Best

After analysing the data of 12,000 randomly selected video interview campaigns, this white paper is a blue print for industry best practice based entirely on this empirical evidence. We will also be looking at some key tips and tricks for getting the most out of Video Interviewing.


Mobile Recruitment : More than Social Media

This white paper presents research from a variety of global studies on three distinct areas of mobile recruitment: devices used by job seekers; attitudes towards mobile-optimised websites and attitudes towards mobile-enabled recruitment processes. Feedback from Sonru Clients and Candidates relating to their usage of Sonru’s mobile solutions are also outlined.

The Graduate Experience of Video Interviewing Volume 1

Did you know that 2.5 times as many graduates have completed a video interview in the past compared to all candidates? We analysed the data of 20,000 interviews along with over 2,000 graduate surveys for this new white paper – with some intriguing results.


Improving Accessibility with Video Interviewing

On this whitepaper Sonru teams up with EmployAbility to both raise awareness of accessibility and to challenge the thinking on end-to-end recruitment process. We will also provide some advice for making your video interviewing process more accessible for all.