If your question does not appear in the list below, please contact us at support@sonru.com and we will endeavour to respond to your query as quickly as possible.

Q. Who or what is Sonru and how does it work?

A. Sonru Limited is an Irish registered private limited liability company with its registered office at Chelsea House, Distillery Road, Wexford Town, Co. Wexford, Ireland.

Put simply, Sonru is the smart, convenient, more economical tool for remotely interviewing people online. Sonru focuses on making the interview process very simple and effective integrating online video into the process. Sonru is used by interviewers who want to interview a lot of people in a very structured and fair manner, quickly and cost effectively

Q. What are the rules governing my account and my information?

A. Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy set out in full the details of the services Sonru provides and how we manage our obligations under data protection legislation. You are entitled to terminate your account at any time by notifying us at support@sonru.com

Q. I have some questions relating to video recorder / player, webcam and microphone installation, set up, completing the interview, when the interview has been completed – where do I go?

A. Please visit the Help Centre in your account for FAQs relating to these items.

Q. Will Sonru be the only party who has access to my interview once it is posted?

A. No. Companies use sonru.com as a facility to interview people remotely. During interviews, candidates are asked to answer questions provided by the interviewing company. These answers will be recorded by audio and video and these recorded answers will be made available to the interviewer. These recorded interviews will also be made available to you by clicking on the “View Interviews” pages of your account.

Q. So what role does Sonru play in all of this?

A. While the Services provide a convenient and economic tool for remotely interviewing people online, the manner in which the Services are used is entirely determined by the account holders (i.e. the interviewers and the interviewees). Sonru is a little like a landlord who provides office space for face-to-face interviews a mere conduit  in legal terms. Sonru plays no role in initiating the transmission of interview content, Sonru does not determine the recipient of the interview invitation and Sonru does not select or modify the information contained in any interview transmission

Q. What information will Sonru retain on me?

A. When using the sonru.com Site, Sonru may process two types of data. The first level comprises statistical and other analytical information collected on an aggregate and non-individual specific basis of all browsers who visit the Site (Non-Personal Data), and the second is information that is personal or particular to a specific visitor who knowingly chooses to provide that information (Personal Data). At various points within the Site and in response to emails sent via sonru.com, you may have an opportunity to send us Personal Data, for example, during the Sign-up process or by clicking on the Contact Us pages. Further details of relating to what we do with your information and how we protect it are contained in our Privacy Policy.

Q. Will my interview be stored indefinitely?

A. Interviews will normally be stored for 24 months after which time they will be deleted unless you or the interviewing company has chosen to archive the information for a longer period (at an additional cost).

Q. Can I demand that my interview be deleted?

A. Interviewees can request that their personal data be deleted in accordance with data protection and privacy legislation. However, please note that it is the interviewers, and not Sonru, that will be the data controller for the purposes of the interviews, and as such any requests to delete the interviews should be directed to the relevant interviewers.

Q. Who do I contact if I am unhappy with an interview question?

A. Whilst Sonru provides the facilities to enable interviewees to complete interviews, Sonru does not control the content of any interviews.  Any issue you have with the content of your interview is a private matter between the interviewee and the interviewer and should be directed to the relevant interviewer/interviewee as appropriate.

Q. Will my current employer be able to view my interviews?

A. No, unless of course you choose to answer an interview for your current employer! Only the individual that invited you to complete the interview and anyone else involved in the interviewing process should have access to your interview. Do not complete an interview if you are unsure about the interviewer. As the data controller of interviews is the potential employer, candidates must contact the company in question if they wish to raise any issues in respect of the interview.

Q. Can Sonru advise me on matters relating to employment (or labour) law?

A. No. Sonru is a mere conduit for the Sonru Services. It is up to interviewers and interviewees to obtain their own legal advice on employment or labour law and matters relating to human resources generally.

Q. Can Sonru advise me on matters relating to data protection laws and privacy?

A. Sonru is a data controller in respect of the personal data that it collects relating to interviewers and interviewees as account holders. Details relating to what Sonru do with this information are contained in the Privacy Policy . Sonru is not a data controller of any information recorded in an interview. Sonru simply acts as a data processor who facilitates the recording of the data and transmits any personal data contained in the interview from the interviewee to the interviewer. Sonru maintains a copy of the interview on the hosting servers of our hosting partners for secure access by the nominated representatives of the interviewer. As the data controller of interviews is the potential employer, candidates must contact the company in question if they wish to raise any issues in respect of the interview.