Meet the best candidates earlier in the process,
see their fit, personality, drive and motivation
and save time and money

Faster Process

  • Reduce time spent on first round screening by up to 80%
  • Review and make decisions ’on the go’
  • 50% reduction in recruitment lifecycle

“Video interviewing has done everything we wanted it to do and more, we’ve never looked back. There’s a massive time saving when you compare a 10-15 minute video interview with a 90 minute personal interview.”

Smarter Selection

  • Set role, competency and cultural fit questions
  • Experience the candidate’s personality, see their body language
  • Better calibre candidates shortlisted

“Having such an agile recruitment process has meant we have a skilled and experienced talent pool to ensure we employ the best candidate for each position.”

Cost Effective

  • 80% early-stage screening cost savings 
  • Recruitment costs reduced by 50%
  • Fewer face-to-face interviews required

“A very conservative estimate of fees lost by line managers conducting first round interviews would be €38,000. Video Interviewing has reduced the chargeable time spent on 1st round screening [178 chargeable hours] by 80%.”

Greater Reach

  • Reach out to internal, local, regional and global candidates
  • Engage with passive candidates
  • Multiple languages

“For international candidates it means we are able to give each candidate the ability to put their case forward for selection and Managers are now better able to assess not only the answers but also key skills such as language and presentation.”

Happier People

  • Eliminates scheduling hassles
  • Recruiters and hiring managers review interviews in their own time
  • Convenient for candidates

“In a recent case one of our users ran a selection process with Sonru and then another one without it, and realised the difference in the quality of the invited candidates the day of the selection board.”


  • Standardised, structured and transparent
  • Fair process for all candidates
  • Clear interview records for review and auditing

“This approach allows us to very much standardise questions asked of candidates so comparisons really help our assessment consistency and also adds a level of transparency and diligence that would be otherwise hard to build.”