Candidate Experience

Our video interviewing solution is designed with the candidate in mind, and is built from the ground up to be very easy to use. Whether on a laptop or mobile device, candidates are guaranteed an intuitive and enjoyable experience. In the years we’ve spent building a best in class product, we’ve learned a lot about what works and just as important, what doesn’t work for candidates.

As the trusted global leader and industry pioneer, we’ve been able to research and analyze over half a million candidate interviews and survey responses. The end result is a well thought out and tested video interviewing solution that candidates love.

62% of candidates complete their interview outside of office hours, with 31% completing them over the weekend

Immersive Employer Branding

All our accounts are branded with the client logo, include links to the client’s website and the ability to share a range of corporate/careers videos. All of which build on your employer brand and enhance the candidate experience.

In addition, we offer a premium branding option that reflects the look and feel of your website.

Accessibility, Diversity and Inclusion

Sonru has been developed to work with screen readers and other technologies that disabled people may be accustomed to.  Download our Accessibility white paper to find out more.

Hiring for diversity and inclusion has become the standard for successful companies around the world (Bersin by Deloitte) and video interviewing enables you to hire the best talent, regardless of gender, age, race and geography.

Flexible and Reliable

Sonru offers an extremely robust and reliable solution, with 99.9% uptime per year. Our system is always available, with a bandwidth requirement of only 140kbps (much less than Skype). This guarantees the highest quality video for candidates in even the remotest regions, and provides you with the greatest global reach.

“I thought that the interview experience was great. I love the practice interviews, it gave me time to get comfortable with the camera.”

Industry Leading Best Practices

Should you include a welcome video? How many questions should you ask? What kind of questions work best for video interviews? We have the answers for you.

Our Client Success Team have many industry leading best practice recommendations to help with candidate completion rates and ensure the repeat success of your recruitment campaigns.

Completely Multilingual

To support our global client base, the candidate application is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, German, Malay, Korean, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Hungarian, Arabic and Polish.  The most popular 3 languages used currently are English, French and Traditional Chinese. Questions can be set in any language.

Fair and

Sonru Video Interviewing provides a standardised, structured and transparent interview, ensuring a fair and consistent process for all candidates.

Candidate Support 24/7

Whether candidates have questions about the process or experience technical difficulty, our global support team offers unrivaled support, and is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Less than 1% of candidates require assistance.